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  Local Food
Local Food | Restaurants

local foodLeave your diets behind!  Deep fried chicken, barbeques, finger food (pulutan) and grilled food (sinugba) are popular in the city.

Try the popular Visayan food "Kinilaw".  It is raw fish marinated with local vinegar usually from coconut wine (tuba), lemon and spices.  You will never forget Cagayan de Oro with "Remember Me" (RM).  It is made of a cow or horse's internal organs and testicles.  It is considered as an aphrodisiac.

You can also try other Filipino cuisineExternal sitelike "Dinuguan", which is a combination of pig internal organs and blood.  "Sisig", a popular dish among Filipinos, is a pig's mask chopped finely with garlic and served in a sizzling plate.  Commonly sold by street vendors during evening, the "Pinoy Balut" egg, popularized in Fear Factor shows, is an unformed duck embryo.  It is also considered as an aphrodisiac.  Vendors usually provide vinegar, soy sauce and salt condiments for the Balut.  However these are used in unsanitary ways.  Avoid these condiments and instead buy your own from groceries.

A favorite Filipino desert is the "Halo-Halo" (from the Filipino word "halo", to mix). It is a mixture of beans, coconut meat, local fruits, milk, crushed ice topped by a scoop of ice cream.  To eat "Halo-Halo", one should mix all the ingredients together.

Local Food | Restaurants
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