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Local Food | Restaurants
Dress Code and Tipping

Most dining establishments, bars and hotels in Cagayan de Oro do not impose a dress code.  However, some discourage people wearing shorts and slippers.  Clean jeans, good shoes or sneakers and a collared shirt are usually acceptable in most occasions.

Tipping is still not customary in the city but a good service deserves a tip.  A ten percent (10%) tip based on your bar or restaurant bill is sufficient but should not exceed fifty (50) Pesos.  In fact a fifty (50) Peso tip is already a big amount.  Most tip around twenty (20) Pesos since it is the least amount in paper bill.  The minimum daily wage in Cagayan de Oro is two hundred thirty four (234) Pesos.  Tipping someone more than what he earns in a day is impractical.  It is optional to tip if there is a Table Charge or Service Charge (SC) added to your bill.

Tapsi Time

Popular Grilled Food Restaurants

Alfresco or open air dinning, grilled food and fried chicken are popular in Cagayan de Oro. Foreigners should be aware that most local restaurants even fastfood chains offer meals in smaller portions.

Here are some of the popular grilled food restaurants:

Inilog Grill. They have two branches located along A. Velez Street and Tiano Bros. Street.  Their Velez restaurant is fully airconditioned while their Tiano restaurant is one big open dinning area with roof to protect against the weather.  It is popular for its grilled food, catchy phrases posted on the walls and unlimited rice servings.

Butchers Best. They have two branches located along Arch. Hayes corner Corrales Street and Hayes corner Pabayo Street.  They have airconditioned and open areas for dinning.  They are popular for their barbeque, sisig and other grilled food.

Cucina de Oro, Ati-atihan Manok. Located along Limketkai Drive, near Limketkai Mall.  It has a Filipino country atmosphere with wide parking space.  Like Inilog, it is one big open dinning area with roof.  They specialize in grilled chicken and other grilled Filipino food.

Dear Manok. Newly relocated, it is now along Tiano Bros. corner Akut Street.  It has a Filipino native atmosphere and an open dinning area.  However it has a more intimate atmosphere compared to Inilog and Cucina de Oro.  They specialize in grilled chicken, ostrich barbeque and other grilled Filipino food.

Jo's Manukan. Located along Yacapin Street besides Trinidad Building.  This popular Visayan restaurant is among the oldest grilled chicken restaurants in the city. It has a Filipino native atmosphere and an open dining area similar to Dear Manok.

JRJ Deep Fried Chicken. They have several food outlets around the city.  Their food outlet near Gaston Park is open 24 hours a day.  Their branch along T. Chaves corner A. Velez Street is fully airconditioned, while the rest are open air and could get a bit warm.  It is popular among students and those with a budget.  They only serve deep fried chicken and rice wrapped in coconut palm, locally known as “Puso”.  Hand eating is encouraged and since they only serve chicken, it is Halal to Muslims (though they do not have Halal certification).

Night Café. Every Friday and Saturday evening, the entire Plaza Divisoria is filled with tables and stalls selling lechon (roasted pig), barbeque and other grilled food.

HALAL (certified by the local Muslim Affairs Office)

  • Sunburst Restaurant – Limketkai Center
  • Max’s Fried Chicken Restaurant – Tiano Bros. corner Chaves Street (near Post Office)
  • KFC (Fastfood) – SM City & Limketkai Mall
  • Turquoise - SM City


  • Golden Cowrie - Limketkai Center
  • Café Laguna (Fine Dinning) – Robinsons Mall
  • Kagay-anon Restaurant (Ostrich meat) – Limketkai Center
  • Lighthouse Restaurant – Gaisano Mall
  • Bagong Lipunan (Pancit)External site– A. Velez Street, Hayes Street, near Ororama MegaCenter Parking
  • D' Original La Paz Batchoy (low end)- Capistrano Street (adjacent old Rizal Theater)
  • Lugawan Bulaluhan sa La Creole (low end)- Capistrano Street (across Land Bank)


  • Fiesta sa Balsa Sugbahan – Akut corner Tiano Bros. Street (near Pilgrim College)
  • Lokal Grill – Corrales Street
  • Jarbs Seafood (Along shoreline) – Gusa, National Highway


  • La Vetta – Limketkai Center
  • Vienna Kaffehaus – A. Velez Street (infront of Grand City Hotel)
  • Pryce Plaza Hotel – Carmen Hill
  • VIP Hotel – A. Velez Street
  • Dynasty Court Hotel – Tiano Bros. Street
  • Grand Caprice – Limketkai Center
  • Kagay-anon Restaurant – Limketkai Center
  • Countryside Steakhouse – Limketkai Center
  • Café Laguna – Robinsons Mall
  • Consuelo’s Steakhouse – Corrales Street
  • Sentro 1850 – A. Velez Street (adjacent Blue Cafe)
  • Roadhouse Café (Steak/Grill) - SM City


  • Gloria Maris – Limketkai Mall
  • Dimsum Diner – SM City and Divisoria
  • Mandarin – A. Velez Street and Robinsons Mall
  • Peking House – Gaisano Mall
  • Dynasty Court Hotel – Arch. Hayes Street
  • Grand Caprice – Limketkai Center
  • D' Toppings (fastfood type - dimsum) - Limketkai Mall


  • La Tegola – Rizal Street (In front of Gaston Park)


  • Thai Me Up -  N. Capistrano Street
  • Siam – Limketkai Center


  • Ramen Tei – Limketkai Center
  • Rai Rai Ken – Limketkai Mall
  • Kamugawa – Yacapin corner Capistrano Street
  • Yurika - Stonetown, Fr. Masterson Ave.


  • Golden Ajirang – C.M. Recto Ave. Italian


  • Turquoise (Turkish) - SM City


  • Mooon - Robinsons Mall


  • Green Haven - Limketkai Center (below Kagayanon Restaurant)


  • Calda Pizza - Lapasan Highway and Masterson Avenue
  • Shakeys – Limketkai Mall
  • Yellow Cab – SM City and Limketkai Center
  • Pizza Hut – Gaisano Mall and SM City
  • Greenwich – Limketkai Mall, SM City and Ororama SuperCenter
  • Great Danes (local pizzaria) - Tomas Saco Street (across Corpus School)

Diner (Western)

  • Bigby’s Café – Limketkai Center and SM City
  • P. Joes Junior – SM City
  • Pancake House - Limketkai Mall


  • Mang Inasal – Divisoria (in front JR Borja monument), SM City, Limketkai and Gaisano Mall
  • Jollibee - Divisoria (open 24 Hours), Limketkai, Gaisano Mall, Cogon
  • McDonalds - Limketkai, Divisoria (open 24 hours) and Ororama-Cogon
  • Chowking - Divisoria (open 24 Hours), Limketkai, Gaisano Mall
  • Dunkin Donuts - Divisoria (open 24 Hours), Limketkai, SM City
  • Mister Donut - Limketkai Mall and SM City


  • Goldilocks - Limketkai Mall, Divisoria & Carmen
  • Red Ribbon - Limketkai Mall, SM City & Divisoria
  • Pan de Pugon (baked in brick oven using wood) - Divisoria, Gusa and Kauswagan Highway
  • Kathryns (locally owned) - Divisoria, City Hall, Cogon & SM City
  • Shanghai (one of the oldest bakery) – Capistrano Street (near old Rocket theater), Puerto and C.M. (near Gaisano Mall)


  • Ice Castle (Halo-Halo) - Limketkai Center
  • Corner Cafe (Fastfood) - Limketkai Mall


  • Peking House (Chinese)- Gaisano Mall
  • Lighthouse (Filipino) - Gaisano Mall
  • Consuelo’s Steakhouse (Filipino) – Corrales Street
  • Mindys – Yacapin Street (adjacent MetroBank - Velez Street)


  • Taza – Limketkai Center and Robinsons Mall
  • Coffee Works – Limketkai Center
  • Vienna Kaffehaus – A. Velez Street (infront of Grand City Hotel)
  • Bo’s Coffee – Limketkai Center and A. Velez Street (across Sentro)
  • Park Café (open 24 hours) – Magsaysay Park, Divisoria
  • Starbucks – Limketkai Center
Local Food | Restaurants
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