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jeepneyAfter World War II, Filipinos made use of old army jeeps left behind by the Americans.  The Philippine Jeepneys are now found all over the country and is the main mode of mass transportation.  It seats around 18 to 22 people and could get a bit cramped.  It follows a fixed route within the city. 

Routes are posted on the side and front of the jeepney. Operated by private individuals, it can be unreliable. Few jeepneys in the city operate 24 hours. Fare for the first 4 kilometers is 6.50 Pesos.  Fare rates have been fluctuating for the past year.  Check with the local Land Transport Department.

Important reminders. Jeepneys in Cagayan de Oro are aggressive in picking up passengers. Jeepney conductors would get into your way and ask you for your destination even though you have not asked for their assistance. Some jeepneys (specifically routes going to Carmen, Patag, Bulua, Westbound Terminal, Iponan and Opol) would wait 5 to 10 minutes for passengers in every major street intersection. If you are in a hurry, take a taxi instead.

Do not pay the jeepney driver a 100 Peso bill if you are taking a short trip (7.00 Pesos) They might have difficulty changing your money and you might end up paying more. In jeepneys you are supposed to pay in advance especially if you do not have the exact fare. Immediately ask for your change and count it.  Some conductors will give you your change when you are out of the jeepney only to find out later you have been short changed by several pesos.

If there is no conductor, just say "Palihug" or "Please" to pass the money to the passenger nearest to the driver.  If you want to get down, just tap a coin or knock on the jeepney ceiling and say clearly "lugar lang".  Jeepneys can be fast especially along the highway and you might miss your destination.  Tell the driver or conductor ahead of time to drop you off in your specific destination.  Keep on reminding the driver or conductor as most are forgetful. 

If a conductor tells you that there are 3 more seats available, it usually means that  there is only one seat left and the rest would have to hang it out for the entire jeepney trip.  Also some conductors and even drivers can be a bit unscrupulous. If you are not sure how much is the fare, ask a passenger.

Taxi Rentals | Jeepney | Motorela
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