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motorelaThe Motorela or Rela is Cagayan de Oro's version of the Philippine tricycle.  It is a common mode of transportation even within the city center.  It seats around 6 to 8 people and could get cramped.  This is not an advised mode of transportation for plus sized people.  


The motorela goes around the city center except for major roads and highways.  During late evenings, the motorela usually ply the jeepney routes and highways.

The motorela system is more like hitching a ride. The route usually depends on the motorela passengers destination (first passengers of the motorela). If your destination happens to be along the way, the driver will allow you to ride along with other passengers. Fare is 5.50 Pesos per person. You can also pay for the entire motorela and tell the driver not to pick up other passengers.

Important reminders. Do not pay the motorela driver a 50 Peso bill if you are paying for yourself.  Some would find it difficult to change a 20 Peso bill.  Always bring some loose change to avoid inconveniences.  People usually pay the fare upon arriving in their destination.

Taxi Rentals | Jeepney | Motorela
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