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  Taxi Rentals
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Taxis in the city are all air-conditioned and most are new models. Flagdown rate is 30.00 Pesos for the first 500 meters and 2.50 Pesos for every 300 meters thereafter. 

Taxis are either colored yellow or white and have yellow plates

Important reminders. Always bring loose change or coins. Most if not all taxi drivers do not have coins for change and you might end up paying more. Tipping a taxi is not necessary. If the taxi fare has an odd value like 27.50, just round it off to 28 or 30 if you're generous enough. All taxis are metered but in terminals (airport, seaport, bus terminal) some or most would try to negotiate flat rates instead. Always demand the use of the taxi meter.
Taxi route Approx. distance in km Approx. fare as of Dec. 2008
Airport to Downtown (Divisoria)
Seaport to Downtown (Divisoria)
Bulua terminal to Downtown (Divisoria) 5
Agora terminal to Downtown (Divisoria) 3.5

For taxi complaints, you can call the local LTFRB Hotline at 857-5637 or RTA (City Traffic) Number 858-2841. However, based on experience, these local hotline numbers do not provide much assistance.  Though you can try bluffing the taxi driver that you would file a complaint against him if he does not use the meter properly.  Just in case, take note of taxi name, plate number and date of the incident.

Starting July 2009, taxis in the city will be required to issue manual or digital receipts.

Avis (Cagayan de Oro not listed)External site
Ground Floor, De Leon Plaza
A. Velez corner Yacapin Street
Tel. No. (88) 857-1492

Taxi Rentals | Jeepney | Motorela
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