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Cagayan de Oro Seaport

The Port of Cagayan de Oro is among the busiest in the country and has since expanded. Departing passengers will have to pay a terminal fee of around 10 Pesos per person. Keep your coins on hand to avoid inconveniences. Non-passengers are not allowed to get in the terminal. Prepare your boat ticket.

Be early in the terminal, especially during important Philippine holidays (Christmas and Holy Week).  Depending on the ferry company, a passenger must go through several procedures. These might include being photographed, having one's belonging scanned by X-ray machines, being frisked (be alert during this process) and sniffed by K9 dogs.

Crane at Cagayan de Oro seaportFerries. There are regular ferry trips to/from Cagayan de Oro to major cities in the Visayas region and Manila. Schedules might change without notice. Call your travel agent or the shipping lines for updated schedules.
Shipping Line
PARAS SEA CAT (fast craft) Benoni (Camiguin) and Jagna (Bohol) (88) 8568562
CARLOS A. GOTHONG Manila (88) 856-7133
CEBU FERRIESExternal site Cebu, Dumaguete, and Jagna (Bohol) (88) 854-7000
GEORGE & PETERExternal site Dumaguete and Cebu  
GOTHONG SOUTHERNExternal site Cebu (88) 856-9205;
(8822) 72-5505


Manila, Iloilo, Bacolod and Dipolog (88) 856-9198;
SUPERFERRY,External siteowned by Aboitiz Company Manila, Iloilo and Cebu (88) 854-7000
TRANS-ASIAExternal site Cebu and Tagbilaran (Bohol) (88) 856-8691; (8822) 72-2337
Airport | Seaport | Bus and Jeepney Terminals
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