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  F.S. Catanico Falls

F.S. Catanico

Located in Barangay F.S. Catanico, it is a small narrow falls surrounded by magima stone boulders. The area is a bit isolated and does not have any electricity, potable water or public transportation (bring your own refreshments). The surrounding area is impressive as it still retains much of its natural environment. 

A small area near the falls was developed by the City government. It now has rentable picnic huts, basic toilet facility and a viewing area on top of a huge boulder. 

Cooking using charcoal is allowed. However the area developed is small and could not accomodate large number of people (not more than 50). Parking is also limited (around 6 vehicles). There is a designated care taker in the area that collects an entrance fee of 2 Pesos per person. Mosquitoes and some bugs can be a problem, so apply some repellants.

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