Keep your seat belts on, because there’s an exciting story going around, especially among Gravity Rush fans. If you want more action where you can change the direction of gravity, here’s the news: a remake of Gravity Rush 2 is being planned, and it won’t just be for PlayStation. PC fans could also be in for a treat. Let’s look into this exciting idea in more depth.

Gravity Rush is a strange but great game from Japan Studio

Let’s talk about Gravity Rush first. The creative minds at Japan Studio made this one-of-a-kind action-adventure game with a world where gravity isn’t what it seems. The game first made a big splash on the PS Vita and quickly earned a dedicated following. Its follow-up, Gravity Rush 2, brought the gravity-shifting adventures to the PS4. Now that we’re in the present, it looks like Gravity Rush 2 is getting ready to play again.

It’s said that Gravity Rush 2 will be remastered for PS5 and PC.

There are a lot of rumors going around, and this time they’re about Gravity Rush 2 coming back. Someone named Orangee said on the Gravity Rush modding Team Alua discord group that a remaster of Gravity Rush 2 is in the works. Orangee told everyone about this interesting development. He has a history of good Gravity Rush leaks. Get ready, because the remake is said to be coming to both the PS5 and the PC.

In the past, the leaker has been in movies and at CES.

People deserve praise, so let’s give it. This juicy piece of information came from Orangee, who has a history of hitting the mark with Gravity Rush tips. This includes giving hints about a Gravity Rush movie and correctly guessing that it would show up at CES. It looks like Orangee is now the best place to find news about Gravity Rush. Now, the leaker says we should wait for an official news in May. The PC version will come out after the PS5 version.

Sony’s plan for PC games is to follow Horizon Zero Dawn’s lead.

If the report is true, Gravity Rush 2’s planned split release would be in line with how Sony normally brings its own games to PC. This is how games like Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War (2018) came out: the PC version came out a little later than the mobile version. This approach helps Sony get its popular games to more people, so more people can enjoy the magic of Gravity Rush.

Getting more excited: what fans can look forward to

This news is like winning the lottery for people who love Gravity Rush. A remastered Gravity Rush 2 could bring the world of the game that defies gravity to both PS5 and PC players, which is very exciting. The Gravity Rush series might soon be loved by a new group of gamers because it is charming, different, and has silly stories. So, mark May on your calendars, wait for the official news, and get ready to enjoy the amazing SLOT DEMO things that defy gravity once more.

Finally, Gravity Rush 2 has adventures that defy gravity waiting for you!

So there you have it, gamers! There are exciting rumors going around that Gravity Rush 2 might be coming back with an update for PS5 and PC. Even though we’re still waiting for official word, the thought of exploring the crazy world of Gravity Rush again gives us chills. No matter if you’re on PC or PlayStation, get ready for adventures that defy gravity. Welcome to the world of Gravity Rush! This trip will be one you’ll never forget!¬†

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